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Slide Document Management is Learn More CHANGING we provide solutions for these changes

Document Management is


We provide solutions for these changes.

Making connections between all aspects of local government through the enhancement of secure payroll and payables document creation.

Making connections between management and employees by providing secure and innovative solutions for accounting, payroll, and overall corporate communication.

Electronic or Print-We Can Handle It

Over the years, many industries have seen a shift from traditional print to services such as eDocuments, ACH, and Electronic Content Management. EDGE is able to provide services for those who still need traditional services such as checks and student forms as well as online.


We are here to make those connections.

EDGE is a software development firm that specializes in simplifying print and digital document solutions across a variety of industries from education to commercial markets.

Our software is designed to simplify documentation, communication, and filing through the use of technology, but we also provide simplified solutions for those areas where print remains necessary.

With our state of the art technology, our software and on-line programs can securely retrieve raw data and produce customized documents and reports, and deliver and archive to our customers in a matter of minutes.

No job is too small. No job is too large. EDGE services small school districts with less than 500 students and Fortune 500 companies.

We are dedicated to connecting modern to traditional to help you identify the most efficient and simplified solutions for all of your documentation needs.

Is your company in need of print and digital document solutions? Contact us today to discuss how our software can work with your unique company needs.


There are hundreds of digital document services out there. Here is what distinguishes us from the rest.

One-Stop Provider

Many companies may be able to address some of your document needs, but we are determined to be a one-stop shop, providing solutions for all of your document needs. We work hands-on with our customers to identify the pain points, and we work to address and provide solutions for these problems using our extensive and versatile software and web-based programs. We want our products to be the only document solutions that you need.


While we recognize the efficiency and environmental push to move every document process from print to digital, we also recognize that no organization is “one-size fits all.” We not only provide options for the continued need for print, but we are also determined to make connections between data and digital to help you find the right “fit” and combination for your own unique needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are why we do what we do, and we are passionate about finding the most time effective and least expensive way to meet all of their document needs. We work hands-on, providing assistance and expertise to find a way to use our solutions to address and fix any documentation dilemmas that the client may be facing. It is because of this dedication that our monthly customer satisfaction ratings are consistently above 98.7%.


No one has the time to duplicate information from one program to the next. Our solutions integrate with a variety of financial and student products to ensure smooth transition no matter the field. Talk with us to find out how we can integrate with the products that you are using.

Employee Owned

Why do we believe so much in our product? Because our employees invest their own time and money into creating it. We do not outsource any of our work. Instead, every single person in our company is working every day to make sure our solutions are the best they can be. Because we are employee owned, we understand what you are looking for — cost reductions and improved efficiencies — this is exactly what we aim to provide.

Easy to Navigate

Our software and web-based solutions are structured to provide organization and easy navigation for all who use it. Our development team works diligently to ensure that our products are user friendly across a variety of industries.


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