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Integrating the right software
into your systems
We work with you to provide the solutions you need.

Portfolio (+)

Portfolio (+) is our integrated software that allows for the display of important student reports and documents to parents and school staff. It integrates within the district’s SMS to allow for easy navigation and a single sign-on.

No matter your unique reporting needs, with Portfolio (+) your options are unlimited.

Report (+)

Report (+) is our revolutionary communication software. It is designed to integrate with the district’s SMS to automate the production and distribution of any student documents, forms, or reports.

With Report (+) you can save time and money by streamlining many essential processes through automation and integration.

Finance (+)

Finance (+) is our simple and secure solution for custom document production and organization from any accounting system. This software offers six different module options that can be mix and matched at adjusted prices based on the client’s unique needs.

Whether you are looking to manage existing workflows, or rework your internal processes entirely, Finance (+) can provide the solutions you need.

Forms (+)

Forms (+) is an interactive tool that provides the ability to design, edit and generate forms using data from a variety of sources (files, SMS APIs, etc.). The document images generated by Forms (+) can be displayed and tracked online in Portfolio (+), printed using our Print to Mail services, and/or stored locally. Forms (+) provides the ability to translate the documents into multiple languages.

Image (+)

Image (+) provides the ability to digitize physical documents for storage and display online. The system can interface with TWAIN-compatible scanners, and existing electronic images can also be managed in Image (+). With the ability to load data directly from an SMS or other sources, users can easily map the images to specific records (student, staff, building, and so on). The images are housed securely in the cloud and can be configured for display online in Portfolio (+).


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