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The EDGE product line now addresses a wide range of significant markets including legal firms, accounting, education, utilities, clothing, manufacturing, banking, not-for-profit foundations and may other industries. EDGE has a diverse base of clients in 42 of 50 states, and several

The team upgraded their previous reporting software to create Report(+), a revolutionary communication tool designed to produce any document, form, or report using PowerSchool API from concept to production, which paired with WebEdge and provided solutions for school districts that

The management team of the EDGE business unit within Allison Payment Systems purchased ownership shares to create a wholly independent company, EDGE Document Solutions, LLC. With business partnerships created during the past several years that focus on education, EDGE Document

The Allison Coupon Division of Cummins-Allison purchased this software package and copyrighted it.  It became the basis for a range of laser-printed products that are sold under the name EDGE, an acronym for Electronic Document GEneration. The initial EDGE offerings

A University of Miami professor developed a software method of creating negotiable financial documents (checks). Using blank paper and a desktop laser printers that used special toner, the system was able to print magnetic characters (MICR) used on bank checks

The Allison family sold the company to Cummins Chicago a manufacturer of document perforators that couple personalize any payment book. Even after this sale, the company remained in the check/voucher/bill printing business under the name- Allison Payment Systems.

Following the death of founder, Noah S. Allison, his children became directors of the company, with son, James A. Allison -- best known as one of the founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway—being named Vice President. He later expanded their

Allison Coupon Company was founded by Noah S. Allison. The company began by printing coupon books for coal mine company stores, then later expanded into other similar markets including, but not limited to, printing railroad eating house vouchers, street railway