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REPORT (+) Designed to save time and money, Report(+) connects directed with the SMS data tables to create student reports.


Report (+) is a revolutionary communication tool that can be used to produce any document, form, or report using the API of your Student Management System from concept to production. Report (+) is designed to save time and money with full automation to send the reports directly to all necessary parties in a streamlined process that forgoes unnecessary administrative touch points and provides a Go Green, paperless solution.

Features & Benefits

Built-In Calendar

The built-in calendar option allows administrators to set a reporting schedule at the beginning of the year, and the software will handle the rest, getting out specifically appointed reports to all the current recipients in the time appointed by the schedule.

Online Access and Convenience

Report (+) can automatically post any created report directly to Portfolio (+). This allows guardians to access, view, or save any documents.

Archive 'Cabinet'

There’s no longer any need to take up space on your hard drive to store old reports. Report (+) automatically does that for you. Our software provides a virtual ‘cabinet’ that will store any report created, and provide easy access for parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators.

Go Green

Report (+) can provide an electronic alternative to many areas that once required print on physical paper. From generating online reports, to creating custom emails, Report (+) can save you time, money, and a significant environmental impact.


Effective communication between the teacher and the student’s guardian can have a huge impact on the student’s overall progress. Report (+) allows teachers to communicate reports and updates to guardians, even if their primary language is not English. Our multi-language function allows any document created with the software to be translated to the language identified as the student’s “home language.”


When you use Report (+) to send reports you can control the messaging. Our tech team will customize all documents to your unique tone. If there is additional information that you wish to add to a specific report, the software also allows a free-text options where general text can be added to any report.


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