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for Education
Making connections between educators and parents by creating a better, faster way to communicate student information in today’s world.

Education is Communication

Statistics show when parents are involved, students do better. Communication from school to home is the most important and easiest connection to make.

EDGE can be a partner with the school to make that happen…effectively and efficiently.

This communication, in every form, is essential to the student’s overall educational progress; however, the demands of it can often take away from other essential educational practices.

This was a driving motivation for us when designing software for the education field. In our 25+ years of service to school districts, we have learned that no two districts are the same. Each district has its own DNA. EDGE prides itself in working with school districts to maintain that unique character and produce a solution this is perfect for each district.

We seek to streamline all essential processes from providing regular updated student progress reporting, to working to ensure all aspects of staffing, payroll, and administrative needs are addressed.

We work to provide solutions designed to offer utmost efficiency so that less time can be spent focusing on procedures, and more time can be delegated toward the fundamentals of educating youth.

We provide a variety of software options that address and provide solutions for some of the many pain points that administration experiences in the field. Schedule a free consultation today. Our experienced sales and technical staff have assisted hundreds of school districts to find the best document solution.

Software & Services

Portfolio (+) is a service that is integrated within the district’s SMS. Using single sign-on and easy navigation, it allows for display of important student reports and documents for easy viewing and archiving for the parent and school staff.

Report (+) is our unique reporting software, designed for full automation of student reports and forms by integrating with the district’s SMS.

Finance (+) is our simple and secure solution for custom document production from any school’s accounting system. It provides a secure and organized way to manage existing workflows with print and electronic options for payroll, payables, and purchasing.

Our print and mail services are offered to any school district that wishes to outsource their printed statements, checks, letters, and reports.


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